Do You Know That 80% Of Canines Develop Oral Diseases Within Three Years Of Age? Meet The New Chew Toy Will Help Your Dog Brush Its Own Teeth!

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This new chewing toy is being pointed out as the best utensil for the oral hygiene of dogs! If you never heard about it, follow this on and keep the teeth of your dog clean and healthy!

Many people ignore or don’t know the fact that oral diseases in dogs exist and they can be very dangerous. Some of these pathologies are very similar to those that harm humans, and some are specific for pets only.

The reasons that carry the development of illnesses are almost the same: lack of attention and care of the owners.

Let me ask you: When was the last time that you took your dog to the vet for an oral cleaning? Or simply, when was the last time that you cleaned the teeth of your buddy?

You can’t remember, right? And this is not your fault. We know that visiting the vet is expensive and restraining your dog for teeth cleaning is no fun. In between, there is your own guilt and the painstaking resistance of the puppy. But oral hygiene shouldn’t be ignored, because 80% of the dogs develop oral diseases within 3 years of age.

Fortunately, a dog lover , motivated by his own childhood dog that died due to dental disease, used molecular biology and professional experience to develop, test and create a new toothbrush for dogs.

What is it?

It’s called WoofTooth , and it is a toy that acts like a toothbrush. It’s simply the most ingenious, easy and fun way to dogs clean their teeth.

Wooftooth was designed to be used by your dog alone. No more unpractical brushes, vets or even treats that promise an inefficient cleaning.

WoofTooth has the shape of a little pogo, with a flat base that allows dogs to grab and stabilize them with their paws while they chew the teeth cleaning stick.

You can opt to apply canine toothpaste, or even a little bit of peanut butter in the vessel to improve the efficiency, but don’t worry, that step is optional.

If you’re worried that your pet won’t like this toy or will simply go away, you must know that this is almost impossible since WoofTooth bristles are covered with meat flavor to encourage your pet to bite it, ensuring effective cleaning.

Your pet will love this new toy with no doubt!

How WoofTooth works?

It’s very simple, only throw WoofTooth for your dog and let it use for 10 minutes!

While your dog plays, chews, and bites, its teeth are being cleansed by the double-sided bristles up to the gum line, removing bacterial plaque and tartar trapped around the hard-to-reach molars, those that otherwise wouldn’t be cleaned.

The many positions of the bristles and the nudges reach all the teeth of your dog , doesn’t matter how it bites the WoofTooth.

Who uses it says it is an excellent option to keep the teeth of your pet healthy and without bad breath. Joana Picoa says that her pug loves it! She only has compliments for this toy:

“As soon as I reach WoofTooth to throw to Toby I can feel his excitement. His tail wiggles continuously, and he can’t stop jumping. I do this every day when I get home. After using, I feel that its breath is fresher and its teeth cleaner! When you see your dog liable to dangerous diseases and treatments, you think through all solutions. We spent more than €1000 in treatments. Fortunately, WoofTooth was advised by Toby’s vet, and its teeth are cleaner than ever!”

How good it is to see a happy dog. They are our best friends, and WoofTooth will care for their health without a doubt.

Check WoofTooth in action on the video below

At this point, you might be asking if there are different sizes for small or big dogs. WoofTooth is available in many sizes. The recommended size for dogs up to 11kg is the size (S) , for dogs between 11kg and 18kg is the size (M) , and lastly, for bigger dogs with over 18kg, the size (L) is advised.

We still have to say that WoofTooth is made of 100% healthy and resistant silicon. It’s very simple to clean it, just needing to run water through it.

As you have noticed,WoofTooth benefits are huge. And if you like your pet, you won’t regret offering him this wonderful toy to keep him healthy and happy , no doubt.

WoofTooth must be expensive.

What makes WoofTooth a fantastic toy is its price-quality ratio. And let’s be honest, how much are you willing to pay for a toy that is at the same time a device for the oral health of your buddy? WoofTooth costs only€39

Where can I buy it?

Just visit the official website and order WoofTooth for your little friend.


Since the recent boom of WoofTooth the company is offering a 50% discount + free shipping for all the orders completed today. Guarantee WoofTooth Today – Keep your dog healthy and happy!

Our conclusion

I think money is an essential tool to make the most out of life! And if you have the opportunity to improve the life of your best friend, and if you really like it, WoofTooth is undoubtedly a utensil that your dog will thank you for having it. It doesn’t only avoid vet visits, but it also avoids dangerous diseases for your pet, bringing happiness, amusement, and health! I hope your little friend get happy as mine with WoofTooth.


Benefits of using WoofTooth according to the reviews of other clients

  • Rafa: My dog loves it!
  • Marc: My dog gets crazy with this toy, and its teeth gets clean.
  • Susane: Fantastic toy that keeps them occupied and it’s healthy.
  • Raul: So good! My dog gets a fresh breath
  • Francisca: Why nobody made this before?
  • Jonas: I recommend it! My dog gets crazy with this brush.
  • Alina: Clean teeth and happy dog :)
  • Nando: Advised by my vet
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